July 19, 2018
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'Midgets at Cherry Park'
The 'all day' event at Evergreen Raceway on July 14 was a great success and enjoyed by everyone.  Track time continued through the afternoon cycling the four classes of cars for the 10 lap sessions. The 10 lap (unpaced but 'please be safe and use your head') green flag number was determined at the drivers meeting after one driver spoke up: 'Not 15 laps, 10 laps please, we are all old here.' The comment brought much laughter from the group, it was that kind of day, keep it simple, no pressure.  However, the TQ drivers wanted a 'feature race'. So the more competitve members of that club had a formal session organized with a green flag start and a checkered flag finish.  Those on the track (about 10 cars) got their wish with some flat out racing that was fun to watch.  It was a beautiful, warm afternoon where everyone got their fill of laps. By the end of the day the announcement was repeated several times 'Track is open for anyone ............ anyone'.

We had a very good field of cars.  The  quality of cars was excellent. The car count exceeded our expectations.  ACOT will schedule a similar event in the future, possibly this year, certainly next year.

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Car History: 1939
Hillegass Midget #43
La Tell Sprint  #55
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